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Levels for each team will be determined after athlete evaluations will be completed throughout the month of July.

We will be maximizing our skill level in each age group. Each athlete MUST be registered in their appropriate age group and may be invited to try out for the team above, in addition to their age appropriate team. These athletes will be able to do so with coach’s discretion and parents’ permission. Should they be invited to join another team, they have the choice to stay in just one or both.

Following Cheer Canada All Star Cheer Club Divisions By Age, The Age of the Competitor as of August 31, 2018 will be the age used for competition purposes throughout the 2018-2019 season.

Skill desired for each level:

Level 1

  • Tumbling: summersault, cartwheel, round-off
  • Stunting: thigh stand, pre, thigh torch
  • Jumps: tuck jump, star jump
  • Flexibility: splits, pike, front straddle

Level 2

  • Tumbling: cartwheel, round-off, walkover, handspring, handstand
  • Stunting: Pre-extension, extension, torch, basket toss
  • Jumps: Toe touch, pike, hurdler
  • Flexibility: splits – left and right and front straddle. (Flyers: heel- Stretch, scorp, arabesque).

Level 3

  • Tumbling: round-off, walkover, handspring, tuck
  • Stunting: Liberty, basket toss, twisting cradle, tuck transitions
  • Jumps: over-extended toe-touch, pike, hurdler, jump/tumble combo
  • Flexibility: splits – left and right, and front straddle. (flyers: heel – Stretch, scorp, arabesque, scale, and bow and arrow).

Practice Schedule

To be updated!


You can pay your fees when you REGISTER ONLINE or payments can be made by cheque to Moose Jaw Cobra Cheerleading Inc. (MJCC Inc).

View Updated Registration Package for fees and other information.