Christa Jamieson

Nickname: CJ
Coaching Level: 4
How Did You Get Involved In Cheer: 7 years ago I saw a Cheerleading Billboard and tried to stunt at the fair 😊


App: Twitter
Cheer memory: So many to choose from! Probably hitting the mat at UCA in Disneyworld and making my dream team Lady Luminous!
Color: Pink
Drink: Double shot on ice with White Mocha at Starbucks
Food: Steak
TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy or How I Met Your Mother
Movie: Frozen
Quote: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard”
Store: Sephora and Dollar Tree

Best part about being a Cobra Coach: Seeing the athletes beam with pride when they achieve something they have been working at!

Hope Brenner

Nickname: Hopey
How Did You Get Involved In Cheer: I could never find a sport that I really enjoyed until I saw some people I knew in cheer. That’s when I knew I wanted to be apart of cheerleading!


App: Snapchat
Cheer memory: Achieving first place titles twice in a row with Senior Blackout
Color: Pink
Drink: Iced Tea
Food: Lots and lots of pasta
TV Show: Friends and Greys Anatomy
Movie: Frozen
Quote: “She believed she could so she did”
Store: American Eagle and Lululemon

Best part about being a Cobra Coach: Being able to share my love of cheerleading with all the athletes is by far one of the best parts and I really enjoy being able to watch all the athletes grow stronger as cheerleaders everyday!

Gracy Bourdages

How Did You Get Involved in Cheer: A friend told me about it
Best Cheer Memory 1: I was 11 years old, second year cheerleading, I went to the senior tryout and made the team as a flyer. That was a highlight moment for me because I got to be on a team with a bunch of the older girls!
Best Cheer Memory 2: Standing up front watching my girls preform and they hit their routine perfectly at Ice Breaker - I couldn't have been happier!


App: Snapchat
Color: Purple
Drink: Very Berry Refresher with Coconut Milk, Light Ice from Starbucks!
Food: My Aunties Alfredo Pasta
Movie: The Fault In Our Stars
Quote: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
Song: Sign Of The Times-Harry Styles
Store: Lululemon
Website: Google

Best Part About Being A Cobra Coach: Helping an athlete get a skill and then watching them do it alone knowing you helped get them where they are! I love getting hugs whenever I see my girls and always getting drawings and new pictures from them! Seeing them achieve their goals and watching them grow up and grow as athletes - all of the relationships/friendships I have built through coaching are very special to me.

Cassidy Storozuk

Nickname: Cass
Age: 21
Coaching Level: SCA Level 2, NCCP Gymnastics Canada WAG Certified
How Did You Get Involved in Cheer:  I was asked to volunteer coach with tumbling at a cheer camp last summer and have been coaching with the Cobras ever since! And this year I was asked to join Lady Luminous, International, Open Level 5 World's Team!


Cheer Memory: Watching all the tumbling indy's hit their routines at competition!! Cheer competitions are one of the most amazing environments I've had the chance to be a part of.
App: The Weather Network
Drink: Tim's 1/2 French vanilla, Half coffee
Food: Ice Cream!!!
TV Show: Greys Anatomy
Quote: "At the end of the day, people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel"- Maya Angelou / "Be Humble, Be Hungry, and always be the hardest worker in the room"- Dwayne Johnson
Favourite Genre: Country
Store: 22Fresh // Nike

Best Part About Being A Cobra Coach: Seeing the athletes progress and get new skills! I love looking back on a few months or the season and seeing how far they've come without even realizing it!! Hard work pays off :)

Tara Cathcart

Nickname: Pterodactyl
Coaching Level: 2
How Did You Get Involved in Cheer: My Vanier co-worker and Cobra’s founder, invited Tia to a Cheer Camp and she was hooked!


App: Facebook Cheer Memory: I love watching my own girls - all that they accomplish and how their faces light up! Every single synchronized hand clap for every team at every competition. Also "Hit! Hit! Hit! Pull!" Color: Purple. Ask me about my engagement ring 😊
Drink: Iced Tea
Food: Chocolate
Movie: Dirty Dancing
Quote: "you can do this"
Song: Thunderstruck AC/DC
Store: Sportcheck
Website: Barbells and Ponytails

Best Part About Being A Cobra Coach: When an athlete nails a tumble or stunt for the first time. They light up! It warms my heart and keeps me going. I really love being part of this Cobra Fam. Surrounding myself with like-minded people that have the same desires and ambitions fuels my soul!

Sydnie Arnott

Nickname: Syd
How Did You Get Involved In Cheer: I always wanted to cheer but I never thought I’d be able because I was not flexible. Then I tried it out one day and fell in love instantly! I started coaching because I enjoy watching people grow and love teaching!


Color: Yellow
Drink: Ice Tea
Food: Chicken and Rice
Store: Zumiez

Best Part About Being A Cobra Coach: I get to see all of our amazing athletes everyday, help them out and watch them grow! There is so much love and support within our club!

Payton Carleton

Nickname: PC
How Did You Get Involved in Cheer:Through a mutual friend / coach


Cheer Memory:When my two tiny's were crying during performance #1 at BOTW & seeing my babies faces when they got first at provincials!! I was sooo happy for them!!
App: Instagram & Snapchat
Color: Purple & Burgundy
Drink: Ice Tea
Food: Pasta
Quote: Bloom where you are planted
Store: Lululemon

Best Part About Being A Cobra Coach: Watching my athletes thrive and succeed. Seeing the smiles on my girls faces when they reach a goal. The big hugs you get at the beginning / end of every practice!